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Yesterday night when i came home from work, i turn on my laptop with windows 8.1 and its started loading 'pc repair', after it finished i get a message saying it could not repair automaticly.

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So i have tried advanced-restore point, it just failed.

Tried cmd- sfc /scannow, and i get a message saying windows is in another repair process and i need to reboot and try again.i rebooted and tried again. But it goes to repair pc again.and so on.

Trying refresh pc - getting insert media. no original media because i have purchased it online. So i used win 8 bootable thumb drive i made. But it didnt recognized it.(the thumb drive does bootable, I have checked).

Have tried chkdsk. But i get a message drive locked.

So i have rebooted using the win 8 usb thumb drive.

Have tried chckdsk / r /v /f / x on th windows drive(located it as f: this time)

No help there.

Tried safe mode menu, but after i choosing safe mode it goes back to pc repair.

I didnt installed any new drivers and i have windows update settings to install updates manually.

I have two drives in my laptop(thinkpad w500).windows drive is ssd ocz vertex 2, and the second is regular hdd in a caddy instead optical drive.

*i have disabled all defragmenting and indexing on the ssd.

I have tried removing the sad and reinsert it making sure it's connected firmly.

Is there a way recover my pc without refreshing and loosing the entire windows setup?

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I have read somewhere that win 8.1 lost or removed pe environment. And this why it cant recover.

How do i get a recovery partition back?

Any suggestions?





Tried hdd diagnostic in bios on the main sad drive.and i get controller error 0000 read verification failed.

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*Edit 2.

Looking at srttrail.txt log file, the last check says:

'Registry is corrupt'

'And solution is system restore'.

But it failed and it has error code: 0x1f.

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*Edit 3

I created a recovery disc with another machine, no help there either.

I have connected the ssd drive to another machine, and I have copied all the content from it, made error check on the drive, it came out without any problems.

It's fully accessible.

*edit 4

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Tried doing reset your PC and I get the following: 'unable to reset Your PC.a required drive partition is missing.

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